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Beautiful Fairies

Beautiful Fairies
Coloring Book

Do you believe in fairies?
I do!
Are you fascinated with fairies?
I am!

Fairies today are the stuff of children’s stories and most people no longer believe in them.

But if you want to connect with these little magical people with wings – you can – with this coloring book! You will discover that they are pretty and female, often shining with light.

Why Should You Get This Book Today?

Benefits of this Coloring Book

1. Connect with the World of Fairies
Most of us can’t see fairies because they live in a parallel Universe. But with this coloring book, you can connect with their world, called the “realm of the fey.”

2. Breakthrough the invisible thin veil
Coloring this Fairies Book can help break through the invisible thin veil that separates us from the fairies. If you become friends with Fairies, they may allow you to see them and interact with them.

3. Find protection
If you connect with Fairies, they can offer you protection from mysterious places.

4. Discover a magical place
The Fairies are real. Coloring this Book can take away your imaginations to a magical place—one that you enjoy, a land of adventure, mystique, and of enchantment.

Coloring the shape of their delicate and beautiful ageless winged woman, dressed in diaphanous white clothing, takes you in their inhabiting fairyland.

Enter the Realm of Fairy stories with this Coloring Book!

5. Dedicate more time to your soul
In the Fairies world, there is no time, just as there is no space either.

6. Discover magic powers
This coloring book helps you discover the characteristics of Fairies’ magic powers.

7. Become Friends with Fairies
Fairies are mostly friendly but are often described as playing tricks on humans. They usually use their magic to do small things.

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How to use this book:

1. Start with your intent.

You can think:

“Dear fairies, I wish to connect with you for the highest good of all beings.”

2. Identify why you want to connect with them

While coloring, think about the reason or reasons you wish to connect with them:

✔ You want to manifest something in your life
✔ You want to become more intuitive
✔ You want to help the earth

3. Open your heart and connect with your feelings

You can think:

“Fairies, this is from my heart to yours. I wish to form a friendship for the highest good of us all. I know you have a choice and the free will to say no, but I’m receptive to your inspiration. I color this with respect for our mutual love.”


This is a great creative and beautiful gift for the fairy lover. Don’t forget adults like to color too!

✔ 30 different pages of beautiful fairies to color in an 8.5×11″ book.
✔ Basic design on a blank background (easy to color fairies).
✔ Very suitable for girls.

Add your own touches – flowers, butterflies, birds, etc. if you desire.

Beautiful Fairies
Coloring Book
Illustrator Olimpia Moretti
Contributions by Cristina Hlusak
ISBN: 9798719582689

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