Cristina Hlusak ThetaHealing® since 1998 | Master & Certificate of Science | Representative of Romania since 2008
+40 746 525 785

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Are you tired of living in pain? Tried everything? Try ThetaHealing.

I have the deepest respect for your own power to return to good health, to develop the well-being you deserve.

I believe in a complete, multidisciplinary approach to any treatment. Starting with a comprehensive evaluation, you can learn how to heal the root cause of your problem, learning ThetaHealing.

ThetaHealing helps you to relieve pain, eliminate fatigue and improve your quality of life.

By learning ThetaHealing, you can quickly:

1. Feel more peaceful, entered and calm
2. Begin enjoying more freedom from past pain and future worry
3. Experience happier, more stress-free personal relationships
4. Become more productive at work or school
5. Increase your enjoyment of every day

TheaHealing is a tool for creating positive and lasting improvements in your experience of life.

“Theta Healing by Cristina Hlusak takes you by the hand and guides you through an evolving succession of concepts, examples and exercises designed to help you illuminate your path towards living in the present moment. Cristina Hlusak is dedicated in teaching ThetaHealing courses for improving health and relationships and expanding human potential.” Business Woman Magazine

You can live your dreams. Really

Your belief create your reality. With the tools I will teach you, as well as the personalized sessions I will provide, you WILL create the life you’ve always dreamed of…. Really.

So join us. Sign up for the next available classes and events. The ThetaHealing Manual and book you will receive can be with you through the challenges of everyday life, providing gentle, random reminders to stay present and practice what you’ve learned when you need it the most.

I do not represent any one organization or philosophy and believe that diversity of thought strengthens us and allows for greater understanding. I do not necessarily think there is any single solution that works for everyone.

Ultimately we feel we each know what is best for ourselves.

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