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How to Handle Your Inner Critical Voice

There’s no crueler critic than a harsh internal critical voice. Every negative message and comment directed towards us early in our lives end up as part of our internalized. Messages that tell us we’re not good enough, not capable, become part of our internal dialogue. Once there, those messages can be challenging to remove or reframe, but it’s not impossible.

ThetaHealing can help you release limiting beliefs.

A harsh—or even abusive—inner critic can be silenced. Our internal dialogue can transform into a positive, comforting companion. It takes some work and doesn’t happen overnight.

There are many ways to shut that voice down. Consider the following steps to silence your inner critical voice.

1. Cultivate an awareness of your interior dialogue. Most people have a voice running through their thoughts all day, every day. That voice is a negative reflection of our self-image, our self-esteem. When you feel down over something, pay attention to your thoughts. Are they straying into the unrealistically negative?

2. Let mistakes go. Stop beating yourself up over mistakes, failures or embarrassments. There’s just no use in ruminating over things that didn’t go right. Sometimes people think that be replaying whatever went wrong over and over, they can somehow learn not to make that mistake again. In reality, it’s just fodder for our darkest thoughts about ourselves.

When it comes to your inner critical voice trying to scare you into immobility, remember that it’s ok to be scared. Be scared and still go forward boldly with your life!

ThetaHealing can help you identify your fears and any obstacles in your way. You can develop boundaries for yourself and others and build a platform of strength regarding your intuitive nature.

Learn practical and actionable steps with MysticYou™. Set yourself on a new path of positive, healthy lifestyle and intuitive practices. Start today. Register now for my next Courses.

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