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Las Vegas – a place where people from around the world come to escape the mundane qualities of life. To be taken away to world of fantasy, possibility and celebration.

There is no other place like it on earth. It stands alone, like an island as a spark of creation in the middle of a lonely desert. The lights shimmer with enchantment and excitement, enticing people to travel from afar to experience the luring aspects of pleasure and possibility. Some call it the city of sin…. and here we are… calling all angels.

Cristina Hlusak, a world-renowned intuitive and healer is coming to Las Vegas to share the potential of ThetaHealing, a powerful healing technique that can be used to manifest your dreams, heal your wounds and even find your most perfect soul mate.

Why Las Vegas? Cristina Hlusak travels the world sharing her technique in spiritual ashrams, quiet lands, and meditation retreats. She is coming to Las Vegas to share that MysticYou™ is a technique that anyone can do.

It is something that can profoundly help anyone, from any religion, race, gender, age or origin. Everyone has the potential to use their natural intuition to heal themselves and others.

It is time to shed light on this fact and empower people to know this truth. There are hundreds of stories of instant healing, from disappearing diseases, mended hearts and breakthroughs in careers and abundance.

People from around the world are learning this magnificent technique, and it’s Vegas’s turn to reap the rewards and change their lives as they dream it to be.

Cristina Hlusak has done over thousands of readings and helped to heal and empower people across the globe. She will be helping people in Las Vegas to learn and teach this miraculous method, bringing in the New Year holistically and consciously, offering a new look on health and living an abundant life on all levels.

She will be holding an afternoon MysticYou™ and offering group and individual healing, as well as a forum of questions and discussion.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, and love is in the air, or maybe lack there of, she is offering a first time course in love, how to attract your perfect soul mate. Her stories alone will inspire many.

The Las Vegas locals are invited to discover more about this wonderful technique. They are encouraged to increase love in their life and learn how to attract their perfect soul mate by attending the first time ever Soul Mate course here in Las Vegas. There are people coming from Europe, Japan, South America and across the United States to partake in these events.

For more information about the events, please visit or call us at +1-800-565-9475.

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