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Naikan Therapy: Reflecting on Reflections

The book, Naikan Therapy: Reflecting on Reflections by Cristina Hlusak, help you develop a natural and profound sense of gratitude for blessings, blessings that were always there but went unnoticed.

This book explains what Naikan is and how it can be applied to life.
Discover Naikan therapy, a Japanese modality based on mindfulness.

Naikan literally means “looking inside” and it is based on the intensive training called “Mishirabe.”

Naikan is a structured self-reflective method designed to increase self-awareness. It was modified in the 1940s by Ishin Yoshimoto who refined “Mishirabe” to be much more accessible to the general public by omitting the religious aspect.

Ishin Yoshimoto, a successful retired Japanese businessman, decided to devote his time and energy to help people, establishing a retreat center in Yamato-Koriyama in Nara prefecture, for anyone who was willing to reflect on their daily lives through Naikan Therapy. 

Naikan, as a therapy, was accepted worldwide as a guided self-reflection tool because its practice does not imply you have a particular mental illness, and it is conducted at Naikan centers rather than mental hospitals.

This practice increases awareness and enhances mindfulness.  

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