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Reflecting on Reflections

Just as there will be busier times when you don’t have much-structured practice time for reflecting on reflection, there will be times when you do have spare time. Make the most of it by dedicating more time to reflect on reflection. It all evens out.

After a busy schedule, you’ll enjoy and appreciate it even more. At such times you may want to pay particular attention to patterns in your stress levels. What triggers stress for you? Do you unconsciously stay busy, so you don’t have to face getting to know yourself better? Are you productive or just doing stuff that doesn’t matter so that you can feel like your life is full?

The important thing is that you practice Naikan Therapy: Reflecting on Reflection, a book by Cristina Hlusak. It will be good for you!

When you know a busy time is coming up for you, consider checking out the self-reflection apps available. Download one or more of those on your phone so you can easily practice no matter where you are.

Naikan Therapy: Reflecting on Reflections by Cristina Hlusak

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Language: English
Publisher: Mystic You™
Sold by: Services LLC
UNSPSC Code: 55111505
ISBN: 9798603116600
ISINI: 0000 0004 8006 4927

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