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The habit of meditation

You can create a habit of meditation.

This life is not a matter of a few seconds. It did not spring from just this little beginning; it had a past and it will have a future, so there is no need for us to hurry.

If we have imperfections, we can overcome them; and whatever virtues we possess, we did something to earn them. Understanding this, we should strive to take up the practice of meditation and carry it on with perseverance. Meditation is helping us to gradually overcome all obstacle.

One little glimpse of higher things, one little proof will strengthen your faith on your journey.

First, you hear about a thing; then you reflect; and after thinking and reasoning, a flash of light comes and proves to you that what you heard is true. Just one little flush is enough to give you the confidence to go on; then comes another, and another, until the whole Truth shines. At first, it comes only one in a while. One day perhaps you will fell great serenity, a great sense of illumination than it disappears.

Again, you preserve and again it comes and remains a little longer. So you go on until one day it comes and stays with you.

But this is only possible through constant meditation. To make meditation, a permanent factor in your life. You must practice steadily.

You cannot gain any vital end without supreme effort. This supreme effort you must make within yourself and you must persevere until the meditative life has become perfectly natural to you.

This means creating a new habit.

We have formed certain physical habits and it is not difficult for us to follow these.

But if you did not form a habit of meditation; therefore it seems unnatural and difficult and we often grow discouraged. But you can start now to form a habit of faithful practice in meditation.

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