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ThetaHealing practice will allow you to completely change the way you think and “feel” showing how to work with the true essence of your being.

ThetaHealing connects you directly with the Supreme Source; it gives you the possibility to co-create your reality.

With ThetaHealing you can increase abundance and prosperity in every area of your life; you can constantly become healthy, improve your life, remove fears, resentments and self-limiting beliefs that alter your life.

Thanks to Vianna Stibal now you can learn and practice ThetaHealing. It is very easy to learn it and quick to use. It leads you to immediate and real changes.

Which are the thoughts that nourish your mind?

You are what you think. The way you think is the base of your reality. Your thoughts creates your personal belief system. If you want to change your experiences and improve your life style, you must change your beliefs.

The way you think, stir energies that consequently attract experiences that are fit for you and are useful for your mind pattern, for the way you are, for your life style and development.

Positive beliefs and thoughts brings positive experiences into your life. What is programmed in your subconscious and consequently manifested every day, is not what you often think to believe in.

With ThetaHealing you can identify the negative beliefs hidden in all the four levels (Core; Genetic; History; Soul) and you can turn these beliefs into positive ones.

I’ll be very exited to meet you and having the honour to share with you this amazing practice, with the same pure integrity and ethics as Vianna taught me.

Vianna Stibal wrote the Basic ThetaHealing book, a masterpiece, completely covered at the Basic Course, in only 3 days.

ThetaHealing is a simple process through which you can reach beyond the veil into the non-physical reality, knowingly and deliberately making changes in your own reality. It can be applied to any aspect of your life.

ThetaHealing changed my life and the lives of many others I know
I would like to assist you on how to improve your life. Join me.

I am proudly part of the first ThetaHealing Masters and DNA 3 Practitioners and Instructors, 
Graduating classes from THInK, ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge in January 2009 and part of the first group that obtained DNA 3 Teacher Certificate and ThetaHealing Certificate of Science in October, 2009.

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