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Learn and practice ThetaHealing in Las Vegas

Learn and practice ThetaHealing in Las Vegas. Las Vegas It really is a like a land of fantasy where possibilities for adventure, fun and abundance are infinite! It is the perfect place for people to come together to experience and practice ThetaHealing.

Dream 300 days of sun a year, full of life and energy: the attractions of Las Vegas are many and well known. So it’s hardly surprising that the area’s former desert have evolved over the years into booming tourist haunts. Only Valle Verde, the South-East part of Vegas still trends to be given a broad berth. Unfairly so!

I ventured out to Las Vegas and as I drove along the strip, I felt like tourists, snapping photos to capture glimpses of Vegas’s infamously unique character, charm, and vibrancy. I realized what a beautiful parallel it actually was. The creation, creativity, joy, discovery and ecstasy that Vegas breathes are the same heights of transformation that you receive through ThetaHealing. I thought of my adventure here, and my adventure in life… and how exciting and beautiful it all is.

There are already so many people from all over the world attending theThetaHealing seminars in Las Vegas.

Love is a vast and incredible energy…. and I think we can all delve into a little self-love at the least! I’m ready to explore love and I’m also excited to learn more from you while I am sharing with you ThetaHealing.

I am in great gratitude and anticipation for these courses and my journey with ThetaHealing in life.

I am inviting you to Las Vegas to learn ThetaHealing with me.

The ThetaHealing classes will be held at The Venetian.. and there is no better place to celebrate love in Vegas than The Venetian! During your stay in Las Vegas, many world-renowned shows are showing here. Many shows will also be showing there, as well as comedy shows, fine dining, a huge casino floor, famous nightclubs like Tao, and all with a touch of Europe.

We will have simultaneous translations in many different languages. So what are you waiting for?

Las Vegas is the perfect place for you to learn and practice ThetaHealing.

Come to Las Vegas and experience ThetaHealing with me. Sign up for our next ThetaHealing Courses.

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