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How ThetaHealing Transformed My Life

How ThetaHealing Transformed My Life – Cristina Hlusak

The transformation of one woman’s journey and discovery of the benefits through ThetaHealing and how the power of will can help you.

“My transformation began after Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing introduced me to this journey. When I met Vianna, I immediately noticed how much calmer and relaxed I was. I realized then I wanted to learn everything about healing energy work, self-healing and ThetaHealing.

I decided to take the ThetaHealing courses which I can honestly say, changed my life forever for the better. With ThetaHealing I began developing daily spiritual practices which include meditation and prayer. Through these daily practices I feel an inner strength and sense of well-being.” said Cristina Hlusak, when I asked her how she started ThetaHealing.

how thetahealing transformed my life - cristina hlusak

What is ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing is non-invasive technique by which we learn how to use our natural intuition.

Benefits of ThetaHealing

Research has shown that ThetaHealing has been shown to reduce pain and the effects of trauma, relieve stress and can assist in recovery from depression.

Transform Your Life Now!

ThetaHealing has transformed my life and I am confident I can assist you in your transformation as well, I am so grateful to Vianna Stibal who created the ThetaHealing program. ThetaHealing program now gives me the ability to help you make a decision today to transform your life. I believe all healing begins with self-healing. A ThetaHealing session gives you the opportunity to have more joy, peace and happiness in your life!

About Cristina Hlusak

Cristina Hlusak offers ThetaHealing therapy in her holistic practice. Cristina Hlusak is also a Master ThetaHealing with Certificate of Science. Cristina can be reached for appointment at 1-800-565- 9475,
or by email at

Learn ThetaHealing with Cristina Hlusak. Sign up now for her ThetaHealing courses.

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