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Today can be Your New Tomorrow

What are you passionate about? How often do you get to pursue your passion in life?

One of my passion is living life to the fullest and on the edge. Following my heart, I pursue this passion as a career in Romania and I really do what I love.

Another greatest passion is helping others just like you, however I can. I like helping people to find solutions that meet their specific needs.
 I’m passionate about making a difference, telling people about the great miracles God has done in my life.

I am passionate about ThetaHealing. If I had to choose one thing in life to do, it would be to teach ThetaHealing. So I encourage you to join me here, in Romania, for my upcoming ThetaHealing Events.

Based on cultural roots of beliefs, values, perceptions, expectations and various assumptions, I would advice you to come to Romania and to pay attention to different communication styles and different attitudes, different values, different ways of life and thinking. I studied international business in Las Vegas and I know that understanding a country’s culture, the protocol and etiquette, intercultural skills and knowledge, is a valuable asset.

My advise is to making a brief eye contact with someone as a way to communicate, even if they don’t speak the same language. To make someone smile, may get them one. Offering a small gesture of support is a minor actions, but can have a huge impact. Extending a small courtesy for something most people wouldn’t notice, can make them realized they were the big things. The best things in life are free.

Our inner life is as important as the outer life, and sometimes is important to reevaluate our primary values in life. Today I’m living my greatest accomplishment every minute of every hour, of every day.

Maybe for you, today can be your new tomorrow. So start making something new in your life. Join us in Romania for our upcoming Thetahealing Events.

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