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One of the purpose of ThetaHealing meditation is to clear the mind.

Often the mind is compared to a lake. If the surface is absolutely smooth – not a ripple – then we can see clearly what lies beneath. Similarly when this mind becomes calm, when the wind of uncontrolled desire does not constantly create ripples over the surface of it, then the image of our true nature is not broken and we obtain a perfect reflection of what we are in reality and what our relation is with the Higher Self.

As long as the mind is agitated, so long our vision can never be unerring. We are constantly hoping that someone else may give us knowledge and happiness, but that is not possible. These can only come from within.

What we need is to be active spiritually. As we go on living our life, we must devote some time each day to making our mind introspective, that we may develop our subtler powers of perception.

We need to concentrate like a focus light. We know that when light is dissipated we cannot see well, but when the scattered rays are brought together by the help of a shade or reflector, everything goes distinct. So will the hidden powers of the universe be revealed to us when through determined practice of meditation.

Subtle spiritual being hidden in every heart. If we know this, we know how to solve the riddle of this human existence. Some are fearful because so many things are hidden from them. Some fear the future because they don’t know what future may bring. This is why you need to learn to focus the mind and turn it within, by its brilliant light; you will understand all things and you will attain the vision of Truth.

The purpose of meditation is to gain that vision. This must be the purpose of all spiritual practice.

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