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Allow yourself to experience the emotions that you do

Allow yourself to experience the emotions that you do. Sometimes, the injustices seem so great, it’s difficult to understand how anyone can go on living a normal life when so many people are struggling.

It might be that you experienced a traumatic childhood or you may feel touched by racism that you are seeing in your daily life. It could be that other people are experiencing the injustice or it might be you.

Either way, ThetaHealing can help you.

These feelings can lead to persistent anger and this will rob you of any chance of joy that you have. Of course, you can’t just turn these feelings off. You feel far too strongly about them. That’s okay, you can. You can also listen to a healing music.

You have to allow yourself the space and freedom to experience the emotions that you do.

Here are ways to deal with the injustices that you see:

1. Separate emotions from facts – of course, the previous point will help you with this as well. It’s easy to get caught up in your emotions, especially when you’re watching these injustices unfold in the lives of others. We are all human so, it’s difficult to watch others suffer. ThetaHealing can help you remove your emotions from the equations, focusing on the facts that can help you focus on productive solutions.

2. Be the change – it may sound like a cliché, but it’s true. Standing on the sidelines can just increase our feelings of anger and frustration about the injustices that we see. Taking action can be the difference. Learn ThetaHealing today. Join our ThetaHealing group. ThetaHealing can help you supporting the cause you feel drawn to.

We have our local community. We have our online community – so, leverage both of them. Go out there and make a difference.

It might be to feed the homeless people in your area, it could be to escort women from their vehicles into a Planned Parenthood. Inaction is the least constructive way to deal with injustice.

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