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Consider the rose and discover ThetaHealing. Rose means red in a Transylvanian “language“. Ancient Transylvanian treated the rose as a sacred emblem of beauty. ThetaHealing is a sacred emblem of the univers.

Consider a rose, or any other flower that grows under the laws of the universe – just as much as man or woman grows and has grown all through the countless ages under such laws.

As we all have lived, possibly, in various forms —as animal, bird, insect or plants – a rose has a life and an intelligence of its own. Most people think intelligence is confined to human beings. But a rose has intelligence enough to start itself out of the seed when put in the ground and called upon by the sun to do so.

We have the same intelligence (or should have), to go out in the sun on a pleasant day, and absorb the life and power sent in by the sun. Those who do not, who remain most of the time in-doors, are, as a result, weak like potato-vines growing in a cellar.

The rose has also sense enough to grow in the sun. If you put it in a room, it will grow toward that part of
the room where the light enters. That is simply because it wants the light: it knows it needs it, and it goes after what it needs, because it knows, or rather feels, that the light is good for it.

We go after food for precisely the same reason, only we call our action the result of intelligence. The plant’s
action we call instinct. A man goes to the fire to warm himself because he feels the fire to be good for
him. It is pleasant to feel it on a cold day.

A cat lies in the sun for the same reason. But the man calls his feeling “intelligence”, and the cat’s or
plant’s feeling “instinct”. Where’s the difference ?

Where the rose gets ahead of us with its limited life and intelligence is, that it does not concern itself or
worry about tomorrow. It takes of water, air, sunshine, and whatever of the elements are in these, just what it needs for the minute, the hour, or the day, just so much and no more. It doesn’t go to work laying up an extra supply of water or air or sunshine for tomorrow, fearing it may be out of these supplies, as we toil and spin in laying up extra dollars against the poverty we fear.

If it did, it would use up all its force and would never become a perfect rose.

If the rose, with its limited intelligence, worried and fretted for fear the sun might not shine tomorrow, or that there might be no water, or money in the house, or potatoes in the cellar, it would expend the strength in worrying.

I hear you say, “I can’t help worrying. Times are hard, wages low, living high; the family’s large, they must be housed, bed and clothed, and this is on my mind day and night.” You talk of not worrying under such circumstances. It is all nonsense to say you can’t stop worrying. The loss of power through fretting, the actual damage to health, the weakening of mind through worry, the aging of the body, and, worse than all, the loss of the mind’s attractive power, which, if allowed free operation like the rose’s, would give you all that you can enjoy for the day. A man can eat and enjoy but one dinner at a time, though he has money enough to buy a thousand.

People can’t help worrying. The habit is born with us. Our ancestors for generations have worried before us.

The best way is to take advantage of the law, and get on the right side of it.
How? Think hopeful things instead of hopeless things.

The universe is governed by fixed and immutable law. If you think bright things, you attract bright things to you. If you think dark things, you cut off the invisible wires with the bright things, and you make instantaneous connection with the “ground circuit’ attracting dark things.

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