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Cristina Hlusak join forces with Nicky Watts

Together, Wear Recycle and Natural Living Tree™ challenge audience’s view of personal control by combining Wear Recycle’s artistic process of personal reflection with the goal of change with Natural Living Tree™’s personal growth and spiritual consciousness.

Wear Recycle is a conceptual and process based art production that uses reconfigured paper to explore how behavior patterns derived from childhood and adolescence affects adult relationships. Lead artist, Nicky Watts, says about the process:

“Visualize ripping pieces of paper, under water, into mush. Forty gallons each batch. My mind wonders between past conversations and imagined ones. I rip this paper. I dissect all these conversations. I feel the strength of memories through my body as I rip paper. As I grind each particle with my fists.”

Processing reconfigured paper is a metaphor for learning behavior patterns. Change within each process has monumental affects on the outcome. The goal is to understand the affects within our personal behavior so that the negative patterns can be changed to positive patterns. The artwork is the result of effort to change.

Natural Living Tree™ is an international self help company that works in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. Cristina Hlusak, owner of Natural Living Tree™ travels around the world organizing and running conferences and classes, translating, and promoting for leading authors in the international scene. Nicky Watts, says about the Cristina Hlusak:

“Meeting Cristina was the beginning of a life changing journey through spiritual, personal, and physical awareness. I had Wear Recycle as an outlet to deal with my personal battles, but I needed guidance. Cristina is that guidance. Her involvement is vital to the vision I have for Wear Recycle’s future.”

Through Wear Recycle informational material, lectures, and classes at Natural Living Tree™’s conferences, audiences are granted a truly well rounded, enlightened experience in which deep psychological growth can empower each individual with long lasting positive affects. Collecting and caring for the artwork becomes a symbol of active change and consciousness. A reminder of where you’ve been and where you want to go.

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