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Each of us creates everything in life. We attract people and experiences based on our belief systems.

Our beliefs can create wealth or poverty, sickness or health, success or failure, loneliness or interconnection. Everything is our creation.

Most beliefs are stored at the subconscious level and run like computer programs, dictating our experiences, which in turn create our lives; the primary manifestation of the reconstitution of the initial cause, of the physical or emotional wounds at the soul level, implies the tendency to attract experiences repeatedly.

We can say that the subconscious is like a hardrive that contains all the memories of what we are.

Some beliefs are based on our experiences. For example: If we touch the fire, it burns. We are convinced that the fire is burning. And this conviction helps us. But not all beliefs can help. Maybe I grew up in a house with two successful parents, both unhappy. At the age of four, we can be confident that success makes people unhappy. Perhaps this conviction does not help us if we want to be successful and happy; will make us struggle to achieve what we would like: a happy and fulfilled, successful family.
Most beliefs in this life have been created since the age of four. We can see how they could limit us.

In addition, we have beliefs transmitted in our DNA. We are born with inherited beliefs from our ancestors, from previous generations or those that have taken place at the level of the soul. And we have acquired convictions of collective consciousness, groups and societies in which we live, or that we remind and recognize at historical level.

Many beliefs have led to limited illusions in the life we ​​live in, making us forget about our much larger aspects. Much can take many psychological twists and the body can become deeply hurt emotionally, giving rise to many secondary beliefs.

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