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How to Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

There is no real benefit in comparing yourself with others, but you probably have one lingering question.

What can you do to stop comparing yourself to others?

Be Thankful for Your Strengths and What You Have

Look for ways to be thankful for all that you have and what you are good at doing. Our minds are easily swayed to identify all of the negatives that surround us in life, but we have to practice giving thanks for all of the things we do well or often take for granted.

For example, learn to give thanks for the job you do have, the home or space in which you reside, and the fact that you know where your next meal is coming from later this evening or first thing tomorrow morning.

Look for Ways to Gift Others with Your Life’s Purpose

What are you doing with your life’s purpose?
Are you using it to serve yourself? How are you using it to help others?

Knowing your life’s purpose and using it to affect others positively can be life-changing. Learning something new can help you define your life purpose. You can start with learning ThetaHealing with me, Cristina Hlusak.

When you learn ThetaHealing, not only does the other person benefit from your strengths and willingness. You give something of yourself to help them but you too can internally experience a significant boost of self-esteem and self-worth for fulfilling someone else’s needs.

Practice Self-Evaluation and Self-Awareness, Not Self-Depreciation Behaviors

Rather than comparing yourself with others, start practicing self-evaluation. Allow yourself to be the standard or metric to exceed. It’s easy to compare ourselves with others and strive to be something we are not. It’s an instinct.

Somewhere deep inside of our minds, we think it’s okay to allow that person to be our standard. However, challenge yourself to buck that trend. Do not permit yourself to make someone else your standard for success. It can lead to a severe blow to your self-esteem and derail you from navigating your own life’s journey.

Do not mistake this piece of advice for saying you should not appreciate what someone else has achieved for their life or even find a bit of inspiration, but you should make every effort not to define your successes or failures by an idea or image of what someone else is projecting.

Perfection is Not a Must-Have

Remember that life is not always about perfection. Being perfect at everything you do often happen by chance. Learn to appreciate the things that work out well and learn from your mistakes.

In Summary

In summary, find your purpose and use it to serve yourself and others in life. When you do compare yourself to others, look for inspiration and motivation.

ThetaHealing can motivate you. Learn ThetaHealing with me, Cristina Hlusak. Sign up now for my next ThetaHealing Courses.

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