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How to Trust the ThetaHealing Process

Learning ThetaHealing is also about learning to trust all your inner senses. When you apply ThetaHealing as a technique, you need to be open to accept whatever way in which you see and sens the healing through your inner vision. Not everyone is visual.

Each person experience with ThetaHealing is different. Some may see things visually with their imagination, others may see colors, have a sense of energy moving around in their body, or have an image, a word of a phrase come into their mind. Some may just have an intuitive sense that something has change.

Whatever you experience it is right for you, because you are unique. But you have to trust your uniqueness.
Visualizing and seeing with your inner vision is is an important part of the healing process in ThetaHealing.

You may need to practice regularly to improve your ability to co-create with ThetaHealing. In ThetaHealing, your focus intent and visually witnessing the changes in which your imagination is what allow the healing to happen.

Trust what you see at an inner level. Know how to muscle test your beliefs and you will be guided to see what you need to see. Trust what you see. What you see is real for you at any giving moment when you are practicing ThetaHealing.

Going into theta takes you into an altered state while you do the healing and when you come back into a beta state the memory of what has happened is often quickly lost.

You can use a ThetaHealing Journal to practice on and to keep notes of your healing practice. This will halp you trust the ThetaHealing practice. A ThetaHealing Journal can also help you
acknowledge and trus your inner practice in your ThetaHealing practice.

Continue to learn and grow with ThetaHealing. It is easy and fun – if you believe it is.

Join my ThetaHealing classes now. You will definitely become more comfortable relaying on your inner vision and on your inner senses to guide you in your daily life and ThetaHealing practice.

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