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Learn ThetaHealing in Bucharest – Romania Welcomes You

I came back to Romania to establish what is today ThetaHealing in Romania. I found my roots here, the most beautiful and simple things offered by the Romanian traditions. So, if you’d like to discover ThetaHealing and the spiritual side of Romania, I am here to help you.

I promote personal, professional and spiritual growth and I see the value in what I do. As there is a value in practicing notes on a guitar or a piano in order to listen to music. As I found peace in nature, in art and in music. I found a value in prayer, in meditation and in our a community that has a spiritual side to it.

The most important thing in what I do is its purpose. Each of us has a purpose in life, a unique gift, a special talent that can offer to others, a personal mission. Each of us has a set of life lessons. However, besides these personal mission that we all have, some of us have a „global” or „universal” missions, a passion to help children, people, plants, animals, humans, the Planet Earth. This is the main purpose in what I do: to help others just like you with passion and love.

I put heart and soul into my work and I naturally attract people just like you who needs my help. I listen to my inner voice, that feeling that keeps the pace of my work with enthusiasm. In everything I do, joy is my ultimate goal. And it would be my joy to meet you here, in Romania.

So, discover Thetahealing in Romania and understand the essence of this land. ThetaHealing is powerful, yet so simple, and a trip to Romania will change your life forever.

So join our upcoming ThetaHealing Classes in Romania. Here, you will have more time to discover this beautiful and amazing country, but not from a tourist point of view.

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