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The Mystic Master Stone by Vianna Stibal

This is an amazing mystic master stone from Vianna Stibal, a jewellery that have owned popularity around the world. When I was introduced to this stone I was fascinated by its color change.

Vianna Stibal creates unique and inspired jewellery that have owned popularity around the world.

Jewellery is one of the most personal gifts someone can receive, which is way Vianna Stibal puts so much effort into ensuring each piece she creates is an individual work of art.

Christmas is the time of bright and shining lights, and there’s no better to light up your loved one’s holidays than with a fabulous set of unique jewellery designed and created by Vianna Stibal.

For many years Vianna Stibal created handcrafted jewellery using an unique technique. This has led to her work receiving multiple awards.

As a healer, Vianna Stibal draws inspiration from various sources, from man-maid masterpiece to the beauty of nature, claiming that the most important things is to ensure each one of her creations has a soul. Vianna’s intention is to create works of art that families pass down for generations.

Bring home some her designs, contact us.

Properties of Turkish Diaspore, this is relatively new stone on the germ market.

In different kinds of light it changed from green to gold with touches of red. At times it becomes purple. It seemed to have a life of its own and I fell in love with it. But when I wore I found that it had other properties as well.

This is what Vianna Stibal mentioned about this stone:

What is wonderful about this germ is that each individual stone is different in its ability to change color. With each color change, it emits a different vibrational frequency that open us to other abilities.

If green in color, it helps the systems of the body, particular the heart and the ability to heal others.

When it is red-orange, it helps with the adrenals, bravery, physical strenght and balances the spiritual energy to the physical.

When it is purplish-pink, I was connected to the prophetic crown chakra to bring intuitive abilities,
compassion and truth.

When it is yellow golden, it connects one with the angelic realm, manifest abundance and bring into focus the divine-path timing with support from the universe.

Because of the color change, this mystic stone protects against negative spirits, negative energy and converts negative energy to positive.

This stone help to express the truth and aid the memory. It opens initiative abilities with wisp if magic and balances the chakras.

This natural stone has the properties of being fate charger stone that brings optimism and hope.

This is all combined in one stone.

At is changes color it remind us that we are part of the Creator of All That is energy. This is truly a master of metaphysical stones.

Bring home some of Vianna Stibal’s designs, contact us.

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