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Are you ready to manifest everything you’ve ever wanted in your life?

These are the words spoken by Vianna Stibal, Founder of ThetaHealing, in her Manifesting and Abundance CD. “Yes,” I said to myself as I closed my eyes relaxing into my comfortable couch.

As I followed the guided meditation of going up to the 7th plane of existence, my brainwaves dropped into an alpha brainwave and then gradually locked into a theta brainwave.

See, I learned when we train our brains to easily go into a theta brainwave, much of our intuitive and subtle psychic abilities are activated and new neural connections are made. The more we practice and become clear within our minds, the more we are able to create exactly what we intend.

So in this journey I tapped into the ‘effervescent pearly white light’ of the 7th plain and immediately began to envision everything I’ve ever wanted.

I saw my dream home, a large mansion made of wood on a hill surrounded by a red wood forest. It was a combination of modern and classic log cabin architecture. I saw a swimming pool, hot tub, and an incredible music studio. I breathed in the fresh air, felt the warmth of the sun on my skin, and listened to the birds chirping in the ancient trees surrounding me. I glided through the cool warm pool noticing how clean and pure the water was. I envisioned myself cooking something absolutely delicious in the kitchen enjoying the rich aromas rising up from the sizzling skillet.

Then I imagined my most compatible soul mate walking into the kitchen. I couldn’t make out her face, but I noticed she had long dark hair and she made my heart light up. I tried to see who she was, but instead got more of a feeling, an inner knowing that this person and I knew each other deeply and loved each other truly. I then envisioned myself with wise and powerful people taking the most powerful trainings on the planet.

Next I was traveling the world and finding divinely inspired projects that needed funding. I saw myself counselling these visionaries and helping to provide whatever was needed to manifest that particular vision.

I saw universal temples being set up around the planet as well as mystery schools for the children to remember their earth mastery. I saw myself smiling as hundreds of children laughed and played around me, singing with a joyous glee unburdened by much of the subconscious junk that had once plagued human consciousness.

I saw myself on a tropical island enjoying the view of white sand beaches and light blue water. I looked up at a incredible white marble temple with a pyramid top on the mountain above.

I smiled as I saw a vision of the earth with bright white lights all around it. I knew these were the temples, clinics, and schools that would fully bring in the golden age. I felt the serenity of life accomplishment and merged into the ecstasy of union.

This was what I had envisioned in the ThetaHealing manifestation session with Cristina Hlusak that occurred over a year ago.

Thank you Cristina for the most wonderful guided meditation and for the ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance CD.

Lucas Tarquino
San Francisco, CA

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