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Sharing ThetaHealing – Macau – Hong Kong was a wonderful experience.

was a wondeful experience.ThetaHealing in Hong Kong was something new in Asia, but not in USA. Founded by Vianna Stibal, based in Montana USA, ThetaHealing opened the doors to the world, to all interested in ThetaHealing.

It is one of the most amazing thing to see people from all over the world, with many kinds of rites and rituals, from all kinds of cultures, religions, races, and creeds, all united together to learn about this powerful energy healing technique.

I’ll soon be in Asia, Macau and Hong Kong to share ThetaHealing with my Master students.

We are all going to meet there, all from different nations, many religious faiths, many points of origin, but united together in the ideal of wisdom, because the wisdom does not belong to any particular religion or race, but to the human race as a whole.

We are all emphasizing on one program, together with common aspirations, common intentions, common determinations, and common destinations: to improve our lives and the lives of others with ThetaHealing.

ThetaHealing is for all people in the world.

ThetaHealing it’s not a religion, but in many countries, the freedom of religion it is considered as a principle that doesn’t supports the freedom to manifest or belief in different healing teachings, practice, and workshops.

In USA, our shared faith is the belief in liberty; we have no common culture and no coherent set of traditions, but we give equal freedom to all cultures, traditions and religions. I’m proud to be an American and I love the diversity in the world.

With ThetaHealing we can see the world differently, as it is, rather than as we have been taught.

ThetaHealing in Hong Kong opened the door to many people. ThetaHealing is a call to come back to one’s higher self and see souls as valuable and beautiful beyond measure, simply by virtue of their unique existence.

So honor your unique, and naturally beautiful core. The world needs for you to be you.

I was glad to share ThetaHealing with Macau & Hong Kong.

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