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ThetaHealing Classes – Start a Better Tomorrow Today

ThetaHealing Classes – Start a Better Tomorrow Today

I have been practicing ThetaHealing technique for more than 20 years and I have gathered enough expertise on this.

Initially, this technique was created in 1995 by Vianna Stibal, when she was fighting for her own health. She used this mediation technique to ease her personal healing journey that helped her to connect to the Divine as well.

Basically, ThetaHealing technique is known as influential energy healing modality, which tend to combine science and spirituality for the identification of blocks that are deeply held together. It also involves the feeling of negativity and trauma experienced in the unconscious mind.

I use this technique for healing physical body and it has helped me in the transformation of negative thoughts at all levels. My main focus is to empower people for recreating their life exactly as they want to.

start a better tomorrow with thetahealing

The ThetaHealing technique helps people to attain better health and sense of well-being. It motivates the individuals to achieve their desire goals by releasing the emotional blocks and developing harmonious relationships with peers.

The general purpose of ThetaHealing work is to show that in the Human Mind we posses a great Knowledge. In other words, ThetaHealing requires that we shall follow the guidance of the Divine.

This technique has helped me to uncover my ideal career. I have been teaching and practicing this technique in different parts of the world including United States of America, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Dubai, Italy, France, and United Kingdom, and Romania.

I have observed that this technique has helped the individuals to release all their phobias, fears, anxiety, anger, traumas, and resentment related issues.

It liberates you from the habits that destroy your personality and hinder your bonding with your loved ones.

I provide classes for practicing this technique both in private and in groups that is customized to your specific healing and learning styles.

Sign up now for my next ThetaHealing classes. Start a better tomorrow today with ThetaHealing.

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