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Still looking for the Fountain of Youth? Thousands of people already found it with ThetaHealing.

Learning ThetaHealing is also about learning to trust your inner vision, all your inner senses and your inner beauty. You need to be open and accept the beauty you see and sense within yourself. Not everyone is visual and each person experience an inner beauty slightly different.

Whatever you experience it is right for you because you are unique. Your DNA is unique. You have 75 trillion cells in your body, each one unique in many ways and within the nucleus of every cell your DNA folds into a space of a few thousands of a millimeter.

What happens if you decide to stretch all your DNA out in a single line?

If you decide to stretch all your DNA out in a single line, it would circle the earth 5 million times. Your DNA is a source of light emission and there is a possible link between your DNA and your consciousness.

Your body cell constantly regenerate. Your DNA is your biological internet, superior in many aspects to the artificial one. This explains the concept of Fountain of Youth in ThetaHealing.

ThetaHealing DNA Activation is the secret to your Fountain of Youth. Of course, you may have to work on your inner process and on your inner beauty in order to establish a conscious communication with your DNA.

Your DNA is also an organic superconductor, and as any superconductor is able to store light and information.

Whether Ponce de León in Florida ever really did search for the Fountain of Youth, there have nevertheless been stories over the years of those who have claimed to have found it with ThetaHealing.

For many, in modern days, it will likely be genetics and stem cells that lead to the Fountain of Youth. However, with the ThetaHealing DNA Activation, there will be those who will search no matter what the Fountain of Youth. There will be those who will believed that it could be possible to live forever if only they could find it. Maybe there are even those who already have.

But now you found the secret of Fountain of Youth with DNA Activation ThetaHealing Technique.

Join my classes if you are ready to change your life and experience ThetaHealing now. Sign up now for the next ThetaHealing classes with Cristina Hlusak.

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