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Teacher Planner

This Teacher Planner is sure to delight any teacher. As a ThetaHealing Teacher, using a teacher paper planner it’s a great way to manage your time and be productive. It really helps you stay focused on your tasks.

Having a to-do list with all the tasks on one page will help you to plan your day better and in a more productive way. Writing down all the tasks makes you remember them better and think of more efficient ways to complete them.

With this Teacher Planner, you can write down your monthly review and achievements. This really allows you to see what things were actually important enough for you to do, and which ones weren’t.

That way you know you moved away from some interests and/or goals and you should change your priorities to other more important or relevant things.

With a journal, you have an exact list of things to do. It’s so much easier to live with peace of mind when you know you have all your needed information written down somewhere. Everything is there, so you don’t need to stress – it’s all there in your little helper.

Some of the most popular instruments in your planner are trackers. Track different things and see where it takes you.

Your work as a ThetaHealing Teacher gets much easier when you just have to remember to write these things down in your planner and later check it.

This Teacher Planner includes:

• Teacher Schedule
• Class List
• Exam Schedule
• Tasks this week
• Activities this month
• Activities this week
• Reading Assignments
• Notes
• Class photos
• Today
• This week
• Class birthdays
• Class groupings and tasks
• Project Planner
• Monday – Friday Planner
• Lesson topics
• Reading topics
• 12-month calendar
• Lesson Plan

Premium color interior with white paper book

ISBN: 9798712949243

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