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ThetaHealing Experience in Las Vegas

ThetaHealing Experience in Las Vegas by Bree Melanson

My Theta Healing experience started in Las Vegas. I feel such gratitude, joy and enthusiasm for becoming a part of ThetaHealing.

I met Cristina on a plane this year immediately after I had asked for a spiritual teacher. She came right up to me and sat next to me on the plane. When she told me about ThetaHealing and her role with Vianna Stibal, I saw myself working with her… and here I am.

I am so excited about helping to organize Cristina’s seminars in Las Vegas. When Cristina asked me if I’d like to help, I packed the car along with my sweet dog Kona and come to Las Vegas.

Cristina and I have been very busy in front of our computers, on the phone, laughing, eating and manifesting!

We also ventured out to the Las Vegas Strip. Both of us felt like tourists, snapping photos to capture glimpses of Vegas’s infamously unique character, charm, and vibrancy.

We visited both The Venetian and the Alexis Resort. We were both so impressed by them. The Alexis Resort is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for something that feels more like home; it was so nice and so beautiful but still cozy.

We looked at the rooms and they are all suites!
Equipped with a kitchenette, Jacuzzi, separate bedroom and living area. The whole resort is 62 acres! Tons of palm trees, green landscape and.. SUN!!! The pool will be heated when you are here as well, and they are pet friendly.

The people are so nice and accommodating there, and everything is very accessible. It’s only a 10-minute ride from the airport, and if you do want to go experience some gambling, Hard Rock Hotel is right across the street.

If you want the convenience of home and proximity, you have to stay at the Alexis Resort where the ThetaHealing Courses will be held. And it’s so inexpensive! $89 a night with breakfast!
This is such a steal.. or jackpot. 😉

And if you haven’t had the chance to visit Venice, you must visit the Venetian! Cristina was able to get a great rate for registered students here as well, it is $199 per night…a little more than the Alexis Resort but it’s The Venetian!!!

The Venetian It is DELUXE!!!! The architecture and attention to detail is incredible. We took some photos in front of the gondolas which will be perfect for Valentine’s Day or just for fun with friends.

See you in Las Vegas,

Love and light,
Bree Melanson

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