Cristina Hlusak ThetaHealing® since 1998 | Master & Certificate of Science | Representative of Romania since 2008
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ThetaHealing in Romania – A big step forward

As ThetaHealing Representative of Romania since 2008, I am pleased to announce the formation of ThetaHealing Center of Romania. Where each course and each participant is individually certified.

I am the founder of Thetahealing in Romania. A center that opens the doors to all the people interested in ThetaHealing techniques. To all the people interested to continue to learn and to gain confidence in their abilities.

ThetaHealing Center of Romania allows those who wish to practice and teach ThetaHealing all the necessary studies to continue sharing this techniques.

I brought ThetaHealing in Romania, and since 2008 I teach ThetaHealing techniques here. From the first modest classes, from the first certification course that I taught here, these courses and healing techniques has expanded to reach more people in Romania as it did around the world.

This is a big step forward for ThetaHealing therapists and trainers in Romania. Our Center is here to support the community in Romania, to help all those interested in this wonderful techniques. More information can be found on the official ThetaHealing Romania website and on my website,

I practice in an area of personal development and spiritual training. I help people just like you to follow their passion, their soul path, offering various courses, individual sessions and specific products.

Through practical suggestions and operational approach, based on examples and demonstrations, I help others to change their life patterns, the patterns of life that weaken their expression of their true essence.

There are no religious issues in the field of what I do. What I do it is not relevant for the current period.

We all need to find a spiritual connection, a purpose in our lives. When our life has a purpose, we are more likely to make positive choices and to have the strength to the storms of life.

Start now to make a positive choice in your life. Join our Thetahealing Courses and Events.

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