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ThetaHealing Takes a Team Approach

ThetaHealing takes a team approach. To promote wellness, we need to incorporate healthful habits under the guidance and encouragement of ThetaHealing practice. An important part of ThetaHealing is the education and the empowerment that help us to make informed decisions about our health.

For example, ThetaHealing may guide us towards adopting a healthier diet, incorporating exercise, or seeking a ThetaHealing therapy.

In ThetaHealing we work as a team to restore well-being.

So evidently, the relationship between the ThetaHealer and the client is supportive and collaborative. In this ideal relationship, the ThetaHealer listens and respects the clients’ needs, opinions, and insights. And the client is not a passive agent. Is encouraged to make his or her own decisions.

Another important aspect of a positive relationship in ThetaHealing is the use of different approach.
For some people, ThetaHealing is not different from homeopathy or naturopathy. However, there is a difference.

ThetaHealing may use a broader range of evidence-based therapies. And different benefits helps the client to get more comprehensive care.

The integral approach of ThetaHealing to well-being is resolving the causes of imbalance and not just the symptoms.

ThetaHealing allows us to go deeper into the health imbalance, well beyond the physical symptoms. Getting to the root of the issue ensures a long-term health and prevents more episodes of imbalance in the future.

ThetaHealing as the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. Our health and well-being is the result of the interaction between physical, environmental, emotional, and psychological aspects of our life.

Change the effects of negative emotions, experiences, habits, and memories. Explore the effects of emotions and experiences on your health. Unburden yourself of harmful emotions and thoughts with ThetaHealing.

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