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Take a journey into Tuscany’s art, tradition and natural wonders. Tuscany of “il bel Paese” is described by Piere d’Ailly as “the most beautiful country, favorable for the fertility of its soil and the richness of its postures”.

I highly recommend ThetaHealing courses in Tuscany Italy.

Healing with ThetaHealing in Tuscany can help you raise the functionality of your DNA. Raising the efficiency of your DNA, even for very short periods, can trigger healing at very profound levels.

Tuscany is like a dream, once discovered you no longer wish to leave. Once you have been to Tuscany, you will forget other lands. If you have been to Paradise, you will no longer need Earth […] wrote Russian writer Nikolai Gogol.

Discover the beauty and diversify of Tuscany’s landscape, a land gentle by nature, the green heart of Italy, naturally.

Tuscany’s countryside undergoes enormous variations. You can see an extraordinary multiplicity of landscapes unfold one after another, sometimes within the space of just few miles. Tuscany is the ideal setting where you can abandon yourself to pure emotion.

It is often enough to pass over the brow of a hill to find yourself into completely different natural scenery. You can travel from the hills to the sea, and the contrast in Tuscany is even more obvious.

You will certainly not be disappointed by the magnificence of the hilly scenery throughout Tuscany.

Yet, leaving the valley behind you will be enchanted by the radiance of Montecatini Terme. Montecatini is one of the most beautiful cities – resort in Tuscany. The tourism of the new millennium, the region of Italy with the greatest number of Spas.

Montecatini Terme’s water is rich in bromine, calcium, chlorine, iodine, lithium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, for regenerating body treatments.
And thanks to the quiet, relaxing atmosphere, it’s an ideal place for Thetahealing courses.

Set among the rolling hills of Tuscany, the Montecatini Terme is notable for both its location and healing spa facilities. A a full immersion, a voyage within yourself, Tuscany helps you to recover your lost well-being.

Join my ThetaHealing classes in Tuscany if you are ready to change your life and experience ThetaHealing now. Sign up now for the next ThetaHealing classes with Cristina Hlusak.

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