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People often are asking me: “What does It mean to see supernaturally? Does our vision become abnormal?” Some people imagine that this is the case, but seeing supernaturally is one of the great dreams of all mystics. It is the power of meditation that help us to see supernaturally.

However, the idea of meditation and of superconscious vision to an average person seems very indefinite and abstract to everyday life.

Some people believe that the habit of meditation decrease ambition and energy, but there can be nothing of greater practical value than this deeper sight.

The answer to all our questions in life comes only from within, through meditation.

Meditation is not a visionary abstraction. It does not mean that we become indifferent to everything  else in life. On the contrary, our perceptions and our feelings deepen. Meditation helps us to perform our duties with greater efficiency.

When we meditate, we do not lose our time or our present consciousness: we are more constructive using our time and our present consciousness it becomes enlarged. Meditation does not mean the extinction of our present self, but the quickening of a larger Self.

Meditation means feeling the presence of God within and is inseparable from concentration. Concentration means wholeness, unity, equilibrium. If we have equilibrum even in our most ordinary tasks, we will see haw steady will be our gain in concentration.

We all possess the faculty of concentration, but with the majority it is instinctive and automatic, not conscious. Even among the animals we see how a lion or a tiger will gather his strength by a moment of absolute stillness before he springs upon his prey; that automatic, instinctive power of concentration is embedded in every living creature. But until we can gain conscious command over our mental and spiritual forces,we can never have complete concentration.

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