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I have been trained for many years in various healing modalities, including extensive shamanic training in the Amazon jungle. When I encountered my first ThetaHealing Workshop in January of 2008 with Cristina Hlusak, I knew it was what I had been looking for.

I remembered that I instinctively already knew how to use this modality and immediately began to transform my life.

I was working a respectable 9-5 job in San Francisco, and like many of our fellow earth people I felt very tied to a system that was not nurturing my deepest passions.

Using the ‘belief and feeling work’ that I was taught by Cristina Hlusak in ThetaHealing, I was able to unplug myself from the constraints and limitations of the ‘city collective.’

It was a beautiful process of removing unwanted beliefs and replacing them with beliefs that supported living my fondest dreams.

I learned to manifest from a theta brainwave to co-create a life that reflects freedom, peace, joy, service and abundance.

I was able to quit the ‘last 9-5 job I will ever have,’ and take another co-worker with me on a path of liberation. I also worked with her on theta healing, helping to remove her fear of her boss by finding core beliefs and traumas that were actually rooted in her relationship with her father.

With a few sessions, she was prepared to cut the chord with the controlling boss and take a step into the unknown. I admit, it was challenging to break from the familiar not knowing what would happen, but with some belief work on trusting life, we were both prepared to let life work for us. Soon after we left our jobs, we started our own businesses from our respective homes.

She continued recruiting for high tech companies while I co-founded a business plan writing company to empower others to manifest their visions. I set up my life so I could travel the earth while making music, writing, meeting my soul family and my most compatible soul mates.

Thank you Cristina for helping me create a life that reflects joy and abundance.

San Francisco, CA

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