Cristina Hlusak ThetaHealing® since 1998 | Master & Certificate of Science | Representative of Romania since 2008
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Our life has a greater purpose.

We all need to look for and to find hope and joy in whatever we do. We all need to connect to something; to nature, to Universe, to something bigger than ourselves, to something that we may call God; it helps us to find our way in this complex and lonely world. And when we feel part of a bigger Universe, we value our self and others more.

We are all part of the love that binds the whole universe, we are all part of the mystery. We all grew up in joy and in sorrow and, from a certain point of view, we are all ascending from a single source of All That Is.
I promote personal, professional and spiritual growth and I see the value in what I do, as there is a value in practicing notes on a guitar or a piano in order to listen to music. As I found peace in nature, in art and in music, I found a value in prayer, in meditation and in our a community that has a spiritual side to it.

I practice in an area of personal development and spiritual training. I help people to follow their passion, their soul path, offering various courses, individual sessions and specific products. Through practical suggestions and operational approach, based on examples and demonstrations, I help others to change their life patterns, the patterns of life that weaken their expression of their true essence.

There are no religious issues in the field of what I do. What I do it is not relevant for the current period. We all need to find a spiritual connection, a purpose in our lives. When our life has a purpose, we are more likely to make positive choices and to have the strength to the storms of life.

Contact me today. I can help you to find your greater purpose in your life.

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